Isshin Daiko Website

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  • Because a “canned” theme was used for the website, the overall look and feel was not in line with the stakeholders’ branding and character.
  • The homepage wasn’t clearly communicating information about the stakeholders and their current activities.
  • Most web page content was being presented in a one-column layout and relevant content was not grouped together effectively. For example, information about the stakeholders’ performances could be found on both the “Who We Are” and “Performances” pages, and details such as that the stakeholders could be hired to play at private events were difficult to find.


SAIKAI/Come Together: Isshin Daiko 20th Anniversary Concert


  • The stakeholders wanted to inform visitors of an upcoming major performance and encourage them to buy tickets in advance.
  • In order to buy tickets visitors needed to be taken to a 3rd party website but they were most likely not expecting this to happen. There needed to be a way to visually tie content on the website to that on the 3rd party website so that the transition between the 2 websites didn’t disorient the user.


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