• Drupal theming
  • HTML emails
  • Responsive design
  • UI
  • UX
  • Visual design


* NOTE: Screen mockups shown may be different from what is currently live on the web.


  • As part of a redesign of their website, the stakeholders wanted to emphasize that was more than just the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops series, and encourage users to access the other features of the website. They also wanted to draw more attention to the fact that past course material was available on the website for free.
  • Personas and user scenarios were developed based on the stakeholders’ current site and project requirements. These were then used to propose a sitemap and webpage layouts that would better meet user needs.


Mobile Views


  • The website had initially been developed as desktop-only and there was request to make the website also accessible on mobile devices.

iPhone screenshots

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops Registration


  • Users registering for workshops were being taken to a 3rd party website, but they were most likely not expecting this to happen. There needed to be a way to visually tie content on the website to that on the 3rd party website so that the transition between the 2 websites didn’t disorient the user.

ScreenshotEmail screenshot

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