Ontario Tumour Bank Website

  • Drupal theming
  • UI
  • UX
  • Visual design

URL: ontariotumourbank.ca

* NOTE: Screen mockups shown may be different from what is currently live on the web.


  • The stakeholders wanted to re-establish themselves as a program independent of the institution that hosts them. Up until then, the stakeholders had no unique branding and their web presence was a sub-section of the host institution’s website.
  • The most common feedback from users of their existing web presence was that they had difficulty finding what they were looking for. The stakeholders wanted this to be improved on the new website.
  • The stakeholders also wanted the website to encourage users to use the program’s other services, as well as attract new groups of users.
  • Personas and user scenarios were developed based on the stakeholders’ current web presence and project requirements. These were then used to propose a sitemap and web page layouts that would better meet user needs, both existing and new.
  • Branding for the stakeholders was developed separately from the website, and this in turn was used to develop the look and feel of the website.


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