WormBase Website

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URL: www.wormbase.org

* NOTE: Screen mockups shown may be different from what is currently live on the web.


  • The stakeholders wanted feedback around the usability and UX of the website, namely around the menu and other navigational elements, as well as the search features of the website.
  • In order to make specific and objective recommendations, an in-depth analysis of the current website’s user experience was required. This allowed us to understand who visits the website, why users visit the website, and how the website was (and wasn’t) meeting user goals.
  • Stakeholders were distributed across North America and Europe so design discussions were held mostly online.

Sample personaSample user scenariosSitemap, current

Menu and Navigational Elements


  • The most common feedback from website users was that they had difficulty finding what they were looking for. This seemed to be related to the menu and other navigational elements of the website.
  • Both changes to site organization and UI were proposed to address this issue.


Search Features


  • Another common feedback was that the website’s search features were difficult to use. The stakeholders also felt that users weren’t leveraging the website’s search features to their full potential.
  • Again, both changes to site organization and UI were proposed to address these issues.

Sitemap, new


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